Friday, October 25, 2019

One of my Crypto Investments is up 1625% since March

Back on 25th March earlier this year, I tweeted that I was buying heavily a low cap altcoin called Synthetix (SNX).

It was just a ~$3M USD market cap cryptocurrency back then, making it an extremely risky small cap crypto play. Are there even companies this small on the Catalist?

*checks SGX website*

Lol okay, so there's just 10 companies on the Catalist that are under $3M SGD that aren't suspended or on the watchlist. Anyway....

I have mentioned Synthetix by name once on my blog in Dec 18. But actually, I've been talking about it since April 2018 and I even said that in May 2018 that it was my favourite project! I'm sure no one noticed the rebrand that happened late 2018, but before that Synthetix was originally known as Havven.

Anyway, for reasons that I have been incessantly tweeting about since forever, I was strategically buying into the depressed prices heavily. You can go onto Twitter and check for how long and how often I have been tweeting about SNX. Audit it. All the evidence is there.

7 months on, what do we have here?

+1625% increase in price.

Oh my. I guess it is probably about that time for someone to say that I am so "lucky" to have magically owned such an investment.

Firmly in the triple digit percentage profits now.

You know what is going to be absolutely ridiculous?

When I decide to flex in a blog post that I made $1M of profits in crypto.

Y'all think it's a meme and I'm just joking, right? Maybe I am. Maybe I'm not.

Anyway, I'm not ready for that yet. But maybe soon? I'm working on it.


  1. Just a humble follower who doesnt know much...If I intend to dip my toes into the world of crypto, is there the equivalent of an ETF?

    I am thinking of just stacking ETH. Your opinion?

    1. Hi SS, if you simply want to stack ETH, sign up with Binance SG. Subsidiary of the most trusted retail exchange, very simple way to buy ETH with SGD, and most importantly, it is also the CHEAPEST way unless you're a whale.

      (my ref link on right side bar has a $20 sign up promotion)

  2. How can i get started? Which platform exchange are you using currently or recommend?
    Thank you.


    1. Hi HK, I do not recommend anyone to start with any significant amount of money until they have learnt from hands-on experience with small amounts of money and have reached they point that they are well-informed to make their own decisions. I use Binance SG, Binance and Gemini the most.

  3. Congratz on your earnings. Would love to see the bigger picture you have. Like all the crypto investment you still currently holding beside SNX. Love it if you also have a crypto portfilo for references. thanks.

    1. Hi Leo,

      95%+ of my portfolio is BTC ETH BNB SNX


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