Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Stop Getting Scammed by Trading Systems, Trading Bots, Market Gurus

This might upset a lot of people.

It'll upset the really naive people who actually believe that such things exist.
But more importantly, it'll upset the people that market and operate such "services".

It irritates me to no f**king end that YouTube displays these kind of shitty ads to me:

"Buy 500 properties with no money down and be a landlord"
"Hi I am 20 and I am already retired from trading"
"I help a 90 yo ahma sell shit online for $10,000 in her first month"
"My trading strategy has helped a lot of people quit their jobs and trade from home"

Bloody shit.

So whatever.

I don't want to name names, but think about it and riddle me this:

If you have any kind of strategy that is +EV (positive expected value), would you,
a) borrow a shit ton of money and engage in the strategy and earn all the profits
b) share it with internet people for a low low price of $999 for the 1st secret

I'm so sick of hearing about naive and low IQ people getting scammed because they are greedy and lazy.
Actually, if you are greedy and lazy, I suppose it's going to be a super effective lesson, lol.

You want to sign up for some trading course? Buy some trading bot?
Go ahead and throw away your money.

If it was a good thing, I'd never share it, unless the opportunity is so wide, that I can't capture all of it alone.

You might THINK that crypto sounds just as scammy, but hey, that's totally like, your opinion, mannn. And that also proves just how little people understand about the crypto market.

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