Saturday, November 23, 2019

What Crypto Bear Market?

BTC peeked under $7k and ETH was down to $140 at one point of time yesterday.

The market is ~30% down from the start of the month.

Even my 200 ETH and then 500 ETH deposit into BlockFi is down from the time when I deposited my ETH in there.

But what is 30% down for the minority of your portfolio, if you have a concentrated position in something that is up 3000%+ YTD?

I just wanted to flex that on everybody. Now with that out of the way, it'd probably crash as the universe tries to teach me to be humble. Or maybe not. Maybe the universe wants me to be an arrogant asshole and flex on closed minded people. I know naught of the higher powers and their intentions. Wew, ramblings aside.....

Who needs to be a FA/TA guru paper trader making consistent alleged 20-30% returns annually when you can just 1 shot 1 kill 3000%+ gains in less than a year?

Not me, that's who.

Anyway, the crypto market is panicking, but I feel fine. Gonna be away for a while, so probably very quiet on my side until the end of the year. I'll probably still tweet though. But basically no new blog posts, comment or email responses until I get back. I might squeeze in the BlockFi update if I have time. Maybe I will, maybe I won't.

As always, crypto is dangerous AF. It's not meant for the weak or the lazy.

Just sit back and relax and watch me maybe get insanely rich from playing with "rat poison".


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