Monday, December 9, 2019

Get "Woke" about "Passive Income"

Just read this comic by the Woke Salaryman. It describes the ever popular trend and fad of "passive income" investing and it's allure. I doubt we'll ever see it cease to be a popular investing strategy. Even personally, I like the concept and idea of free-rolling on interests. It is just overall a very appealing concept.

I would implore all to read it. There seems to be a very unhealthy obsession within the Singapore financial blogging community about "passive investing".

At some point, people will see the common sense that simply banking THICC capital gains and drawing down on it can be superior to "omg yay my dividends are in".

Then again, I am not surprised that so many people value the passive income strategy at an immense premium, given that the majority of people still think whole-life insurance has ANY part to play for your regular Tan Ah Beng.

ImAgINe pAyiNg TeRM pREmIuMs AnD gEtTinG nOThiNG bAcK LOLZ

Yes, I am mocking people who unironically think that whole-life products are good for anyone other than their insurance agent.

The TLDR; is that passive income investing either requires a lot of effort + skill (which many people lack), or requires a ton of capital (which many people lack). And that's the cold hard truth, sorry not sorry for getting you "woke".

Of course the counter argument is that everyone has to start somewhere, and I agree on that. What I disagree on is that the "passive income" process is the superior process. In fact, I think that it's the overrated and harder process. But that's just me and my insane ramblings.

What do I know about success investing anyway? I "gamble" with rat poison and its variants.

Anyway, regular programming of crypto posts should be coming back soon.

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