Thursday, February 13, 2020

Opportunities are Alive and Well in Crypto World: Profit of $200,327.67 SGD in 6 weeks (+114%)

At the start of Jan, I posted about my BlockFi balance.

I had $126,435.72 USD worth ETH, which in SGD today is $175,489.25 SGD

I just logged into my BlockFi account today. Guess what I saw?

It is now worth $270,780.10 USD, or $375,816.92 SGD.

Casual unrealized profit of $200,327 SGD.

Is this a flex?

Maybe it is.

But it is entirely truthful as well.

Anyway, whatever.

Plebs will always be plebbin'. It's a fact of life.

This will probably net me more enemies in the local space, but meh, I don't give a shit.

My views on all trading courses, seminars, MASTERCLASSES are all the same - extremely low.

Very low opinion of people that go for these classes.
Even lower opinion of people that "professionally" teach these classes.

If you were such a god-like trader, why the FUCK would you teach plebs for $5k?

The crypto market is liquid AF for the major pairs. Bitmex 24hr volume today was $3.1 BILLION. The only logical reason is that you're a LARPer.

Anyway, I decided to take out some liquidity from BlockFi, so my balance next month probably will not be 1000 ETH anymore. I'll see how. Opportunities are appearing before me, and the expected ROI is more than 3.6%.

Don't even bother to message me about what it is.

I have got nothing that I want to sell you or shill to you.

Yes, it is very unfortunate, but I don't have a masterclass.

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