BlockFi Interest Earning

So you want to earn interests eh?

Well, here I will have the resources linked for anyone to learn about how this works. This page will likely be getting a lot of updates over the next few weeks as I flesh out processes and add in content relevant to the whole BlockFi interest earning strategy.

- a verified Blockfi account
- a verified Circle USDC account
- a local bank capable of sending USD overseas and receiving USD

Articles that I might write if people care:
1. Opening up a Circle account to access USDC
2. Opening up a Blockfi account to earn crypto interests
3. The risks of stablecoins and case study of USDC
4. The risks of crypto custodians and case study of BlockFi

Well, as and when I think of other relevant stuff, I'll put it here.

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  1. Hi I am new to Crytpo. If you can share how you to eventually transfer coins to blockfi, that will be great. Do I go to circles first or go to Binance SG and buy some coins first?


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