Gold and Silver Investing in Singapore

So I see you're interested in finding out about gold, silver or other precious metals investing in Singapore. Well, you've come to the right place!

My aim for this page is to maintain in a very Wiki-like fashion, detailed and accurate information about anything and everything that is related to investing in any of the precious metals in Singapore. This page will therefore be likely only to people living in Singapore, but of course, it is also interesting to see how the gold industry operates in another country!

Below will be my propose "contents" page, which I will slowly populate with blog articles and link you from here to there. I will also try to keep my information up to date, but please feel free to drop me a comment if you see any errors or if any information is outdated, and I will attend to it.

0. Introduction to Gold and Silver
      0.1 Gold and Silver and other Precious Metals - What are they?
      0.2 Is Gold or Silver Money?
      0.3 The Brief History of Precious Metals as Money
      0.4 The current situation of the Precious Metals market

1. Precious Metals Investing Checklist
     1.1 Objectives of the Investment
     1.2 Commodities as an Investment
     1.3 Precious Metals as an Investment
     1.4 Gold or Silver? Or Platinum? Or Palladium?
     1.5 Physical Delivery - What is it and do you need it?
     1.6 Physical Investments vs. Paper Investments
     1.7 Physical Considerations - Coins or Bars?
     1.8 Physical Considerations - Storage

2. The Different Methods of Investing in Gold or Silver (Overview)
      2.1 Physical Delivery Method (Stored on-hand)
      2.2 Physical Delivery Method (3rd Party Storage)
      2.3 Physical Allocation - No Delivery Method
      2.4 ETF Method
      2.5 Mutual Fund Method
      2.6 Contracts For Differences (CFD) Method
      2.7 Comparison of the different methods

3. The Different Methods of Investing in Gold or Silver in Singapore (Comparisons)
      3.0 GST Exemption from Singapore Customs for Investment Precious Metals (IPM)
      3.1 Physical Delivery Method (Stored on-hand)
      3.2 Physical Delivery Method (3rd Party Storage)
      3.3 Physical Allocation - No Delivery Method
      3.4 ETF Method
      3.5 Mutual Fund Method
      3.6 Contracts For Differences (CFD) Method
      3.7 Comparison of the different methods

4. Extras
      4.1 My Review of BullionStar
      4.2 My First BullionStar Coin Purchase
      4.3 Opportunity Cost - Gold or the STI?


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