House Rules

This is the Internet.

You can type what you want, I can type what I want. We might be free to express ourselves, but we are not free from the consequences from our words. Don't forget that.

This is my personal blog with my opinions. You don't like it? You don't have to read it. I don't write to impress you or for your approval. This isn't the court. There is no fair trial here and no one should expect to be offered one. If you feel so compelled to comment, you best choose your words carefully.

  • Say what you want, but don't disrespect. There's the rest of the internet for you to type whatever gibberish that you feel that is so important that you need to vomit it out. Go exercise your freedoms there.
  • I will remove whatever comments that so displeases me. You are entering my territory and I can do whatever I want here. Here, I am the king. I let you come into my house and I can jolly well kick you out.
  • You are being watched, so tread lightly. Posted something amounting to a seditious act? Bad move buddy. I use 3 different site trackers so I know many things about you, like your IP address. Please read Chapter 290 of our Statutes before you are thinking of saying something funny.

I don't need the patronage of the degenerates from the Internet cesspool. Thanks for the attention, but no thanks.

If you don't like my rules, get out.

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