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This is my sticky page for me to update the links to my monthly update of my SGX portfolio.

The ultimate goal of this portfolio is for me to slowly accumulate wealth in stocks listed on the SGX in SGD. Hopefully one day when the portfolio is big enough, I can retire and live on the dividends paid out, or slowly draw down on its capital.

Why do I restrict myself to just stocks on the SGX in SGD? I am actively choosing to have a home-country bias in my long term portfolio, and these are my reasons why:

1) My income is in SGD
2) My expenses are in SGD
3) I plan to retire and live in Singapore, so my future expenses will be in SGD
4) The SGD has and is appreciating in both real and nominal terms to most currencies
5) The SGD has quite a stable history of inflation
6) Government intervention and policies look out for the retail investor (albeit extreme at times)
7) No taxes on capital gains, dividend income and no withholding tax on dividends

Do not be mistaken - my SGX portfolio is not my entire investment portfolio. I do have other investments in a variety of asset classes. I actively look for opportunities overseas, but in a much more macro point of view rather than individual names due to my perceived lack of local knowledge.

My current style of stock selection for non-REITs is largely based on safety and mispricing. I believe that buying quality companies that are cheap and without debt is one of the best ways to invest safely.

The current metrics that I look at holistically are:

- P/NAV, EBITDA/EV, Dividend Yield,
- Shareholder Yield, Gross Profitability, Debt Ratio,
- FCFF/EV, FCFF/ST Debt, Cash / Net Assets

I am currently working to include other styles of stock screening and selection, so that I can have a good mix of style diversification for my portfolio. I have decided not to use a scoring or ranking system to each criteria, since that will transform interval data to ordinal data and valuable information will be lost in the process.

My stock selection criteria for REITs is rather similar, as I also use a conservative approach by looking for mispricing. I look mainly at NAV, unlevered yield, quality and future potential of existing assets, as well as size. Although I do look at future potential, I do not like to purchase growth that has yet to come.

Again, I am looking to adapt my style by including other metrics - FFO, AFFO, total returns and management compensation to name a few. Of course, I will be testing to see which are the most statistically valuable metrics so that I can simplify the effort and scale of my analysis, but still have meaningful data to work with.

Finally, I would like to end off with a disclaimer. This SGX portfolio is my personal local equity portfolio and I do not encourage anyone to imitate my portfolio. I share this information freely and it is a personal journal of my holdings and progress rather than anything else. Please read the sidebar on the left for additional comments regarding the information found on this website.

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  1. Im very impressed with the level of detail you are looking out for a stock.

    1. Hi B,

      Your blog and portfolio is one of the things that really encouraged me to log my transactions of my portfolio!

      Thanks for the comment. It is not easy to find such stocks though. Value and Quality are usually at odds with each other, but if those appear together in a stock, they look attractive to me!


  2. Hi would you like to link up :)? Your website is very interesting! Already added a link from my blog!

    1. For sure, I've added your link. Thanks!

  3. Hi GMGH, what's the tool you used for the dynamic chart above? :)

    1. Hey LetsGetRichTgt,

      I just used charts from data saved in Google Drive. If you poke around, there should be an area where it auto-generates the html code for embedding in a website. I only had problems with the dimensions at first, but it was a one-and-done thing, as long as I don't change my template!


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