Friday, May 16, 2014

Qian Hu [Portfolio Buy] May 2014

I am now a proud equity owner of a fish company! That sells "sharks" too!

Well, I don't think they are actual sharks, but you know what? They actually sell a lot of different fish, so I wouldn't be surprised if they do sell sharks!

This buy was based on my previous analysis here. A quick summary for the lazy people to read through my previous post: Simple, easy-to-understand business, super low capital requirements (it's basically a penny stock), global reach, 25% discount to NAV and finally a yearly dividend payer. I'm expecting at least 2% payout from them and potentially almost 6% if things goes well.

Honestly, it's just $84. I've spent my money of way stupider things in my life. Just a small, seemingly safe investment that I am just going to walk away and observe from time to time.

Bought Qian Hu @ $0.084

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