Monday, June 16, 2014

Cashing Out From Toluna

Paid surveys might be lame, but heck, if I'm bored and clicking around on the internet, I don't mind to click around for a few minutes, watch some ads, give feedback and then get paid for it. There is so much data mining that is going on all the time that doesn't pay you anything, so why not get paid?

I previously posted about cashing out from my first choice site to do online paid surveys, and that is MySurvey. The process was simple enough, and a week later I got credited in my Paypal account.

Well, I did mention that the other survey website that I fancy is Toluna. I have to admit, the Toluna website and user experience is much much nicer compared to MySurvey. They actually have more of a community going on in Toluna, though I've never really explored the site much. I just get on, do surveys, collect the points and get out.

I decided today to try and see how the cashing out process would be like, and it was SIMPLE. Here is the only screenshot of the day.

I just went to the rewards centre, I clicked PayPal, and I clicked redeem. That was it. It was so easy to be done!

I will give an update once I receive the money in my PayPal account.

Toluna has a nicer website and feels a lot more fun than MySurvey, but the surveys are longer, not as interesting and pays out less for your time. I suppose if you're enjoying yourself, you shouldn't be paid? Haha!

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