Saturday, June 7, 2014

CFA Level 1 Exam!

Hey all!

I just finished taking my CFA Level 1 exam today at the Expo. I almost did not make it on time, because someone drove like a jerk and caused an accident, right in front of the Expo carpark entrance! Probably some rich punkass kid! I had to run to the exam hall while they were announcing that the exam halls were going to close, in one minute!!

Well, I can't say much, but wow I found the exam pretty tough. The morning paper wasn't too bad for me I felt. The afternoon paper was a killer though. On top of that, I was so tired, I was falling asleep halfway throughout the second paper!

On the bright side, one of the proctors was very very very cute ;) Too bad I was too demoralized from my exam to do anything about it, haha.

I think results are out in 6 weeks.

Honestly, I don't think I'll pass. Knowing the statistics and that only 40% of people pass level 1, and then looking at the people that turned up today... I don't think I'm in that upper half, haha. I saw lots of smart people I recognized from university. On top of that, most of the older people taking it all have real life experience!

The good news though, is that now that I'm finally done with this, whether I do pass or not, I am now free to pursue a lot of other things! I want to get my articles about precious metals investing, bonds investing, and also some articles about insurance and ILP's written out. My friends have recently been asking me some questions, and I think the best way for me to be able to answer them is if I have it all already thought out in a logical fashion in my head already! Also look forward for more posts regarding my investment goals, style and my current ideal portfolio and savings plan.

I have been quite deeply motivated by many of the other Singaporean bloggers out there who post their net worth and portfolios. I think it really helps yourself to be accountable!

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