Sunday, June 15, 2014

Constructing Relevant Gold Ratio Data for Singapore

After re-watching some of the Hidden Secrets of Money episodes and browsing through their Youtube channel, I stumbled across this video that I embedded on top. If you haven't watched the docu-series before, I strongly recommend it because it is very very clear-cut and logical. Plus, he doesn't (really try to) sell you anything.

Anyway, the main point of the video is trying to tell you how you can value your precious metals investments relative to other assets available. He covers housing briefly in the beginning and in the end, while focusing on the stock markets mainly for the video.

I agree with him on his views. Assets should always be looked at relative to something else, rather than in terms of absolute value. However, we mostly look at assets compared to currency, which usually should be okay. But when currency is being debased and distorted, it is then much easier to compare assets with other assets.

I have tried looking for information regarding Singapore specific Gold ratios, but I am unable to find any such information or resources. However, I have managed to find individual data sets for property prices, housing prices and the stock market, so I will be working over the new few days to extract, compile and analysis these data sets. Hopefully I can get them done soon and then I can publish the information for all to see!

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