Friday, June 6, 2014

May 2014 SGX Portfolio

as of 6th June 2014 closing prices

Since it's the start of the month, I've been seeing a lot of the Singaporean investment bloggers update and publicly post their current portfolio.

I have decided to follow suit, so that when I look back in time, I can see the evolution and the accumulation of my equity holdings. I invest with SCB because they do not have minimum commission, which makes it possible to trade in smaller amounts.

My first buy was back in March 2014, and the primary aim of my SGX portfolio is to generate dividend income in the very long run. My personal style of investing is relative value and I analyse stocks on a rather superficial basis. As long as I understand their basic business, I just look at their financials and previous price history. I wouldn't say that my process is rather simple.

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