Saturday, June 28, 2014

[XMM STI ETF Investing] A New Investor Has Arrived!

I have mentioned that I will now be giving monthly updates on my sister's portfolio that I am managing. Expect a dedicated page soon!

Although the results of June is of course not finalized until Monday closes next week, I have managed to bump up my sister's returns to come in at roughly 1% in just 3 short months!

With performance like that, I should be expecting to end off the year with a nice decent 3% with almost no volatility!

After updating my sister and telling her how well her portfolio was doing, my mother overhead me and decided that instead of letting some of her money just rot in a bank without earning any interest (0.05% is just sad, really), she will hand over some money to me and let me manage it the same way as for my sister!

Of course, I told my sister about this as well. I am intending to merge their money together and operate it like a small fund, with returns based on percentage of fund ownership at the point of contribution.

Most likely I will be adding a dedicated page for me so that I can keep things more organized and find what I want to find regarding this portfolio that I am managing.

Just a reminder, I am keeping my strategy dead-simple. Cash, short-term bonds and the STI ETF, that's it. I will continue to monitor the market and look for good long-term entry points to buy into the STI, while ensuring ample liquidity and rebalancing. The worst thing that could happen is that if the stock market crashes and I am unable to capitalize on the lower prices!

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