Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Just Some Ramblings

Local stocks that are looking good to me are Hafary, Super Group and UOB Kay Hian. Of course, I would like to see even more weakness so that I can pick them up at good prices.

It is tough be patient these days. I am still holding on to my shorts in the US indices. Honestly, the news and the market reactions really don't make sense sometimes. I'm waiting for a clear signal of a trend reversal for me to cut my losses and attempt to short again from a better set-up. The Russell looks weak and ready for a massive short squeeze up. A higher high or high low will spook me so I'm not stuck on the pain train. The NASDAQ, DJIA and S&P looks ready to pay out though, on the downside. The only way my bet will work for me is if they all start heading lower together.

From what I see on the ground and from what I hear, most places around Asia does not seem to be doing well on the surface. Does that mean that things under the surface are even worse?

Waiting around for something to happen is the hardest part of being a trader. It is not so hard if I was an investor that had got in at a cheap price and is just waiting while collecting dividends.

I do smell a market correction soon, but somehow gravity just doesn't seem to be working so well lately.

By the way, does anyone know any cheap and easy way to get exposure into agricultural commodities? I think those look ripe to take a dive in.

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