Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Some Fresh Long Ideas For July

It's been a while since I've posted on some of the stocks that I have been stalking, so I thought now might be a good time to look at things and see how the market is doing. The STI itself seems lofty, as with many other stocks, but the index is not representative of the whole stock market universe in Singapore. If you look hard enough, there should always usually be something promising lying around unloved (for now).

CSE Global: Looking ready for a pull back soon hopefully. $0.58 would be a nice area I would consider buying at. 5% dividend yield, not bad.

Low Keng Huat: If LKH heads down again, $0.65 could be a support that I find enticing. 4.6% yields at that price is quite decent.

UOB Kay Hian: Seems to be basing out, I'll consider at $1.61 which would be looking at 4% dividend yield.

SPH: Not yet quite ripe, but I can reasonably see it slide under $4, and that might seem like a good area to buy. I don't think I can spare the capital to do that though. Yields of about 3.5% seems pretty enticing though.

In general, I think the majority of the stocks on the SGX will be due for a nice sustained pullback in the next few weeks. I am still awaiting a good entry point to initiate longer term longs.

On a side note, I have picked up Singapore Shipping Corp. A bird on the street told me it would be a good long term buy and a decent place to park my capital while I wait for opportunities. Support looks to be at $0.22, which represents a maximum of 17% downside from here, but I find that quite unlikely. I will be looking forward to about 3.7% of dividends for sitting on it and waiting. This is my first stock buy which is not a net-net value buy because I realized that I don't really have a good style mix. Anyway, this is just a test with a small amount of capital, we shall if it turns out well!

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