Saturday, August 9, 2014

Happy National Day Singapore!

Being born and raised in Singapore, I consider myself as one of the luckiest people in the world. I just have a small wishlist for all of us here in Singapore.

I wish that Singaporeans will be more appreciative of what we have. Instead of demanding or expecting something, compare what we have to other alternatives. Singapore is not perfect, but we are slowly making things better.

I wish that Singaporeans will be more dynamic and willing to learn. I feel that far too many of us have become complacent with what we have and our current situation, and think that it is the status quo. The world changes, and we must continually change as well just to keep up.

I wish that Singaporeans will be more curious and independent. I hope that instead of just reading what is in the media or online blogs, people question the validity and the logic of it all. With so many snakeoil salesmen out there peddling their wares, we must all be wary not to fall for such scams, be it products, services and even, ideology.

I wish that Singapore will be a more open and accepting society. The amount of xenophobia is just disgusting sometimes. I don't want to set an ugly tone, so I won't elaborate this any further.

Anyway, happy birthday Singapore! I am always very proud to tell people that I am a Singaporean.

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