Thursday, August 7, 2014

Some Tasty Looking Pickings

I'm busy doing property research, but I'd thought I'd share some stocks that got me giving a double-take at their charts.

It's been a while, but since the STI had been surging for weeks on weeks, it has finally started to correct a bit. The move upwards brought along all the other boats with it, so it was very hard to find good value. With this move lower, as well as many counters going ex-dividend this month, things are starting to look better for a few names.

I've got my eyes out on a few, but of course, I would much rather the market sentiment to be at an extreme, especially on bad results on individual names, before deciding to go long.

800 Super, Food Empire, Hotung Investments, HPH Trust, King Wan, Kingsman Creative, Low Keng Huat, New Toyo, SATS, Sembcorp, SIA, SIA Engineering, Stamford Land, UOB Kay Hian, Wing Tai

Wow, that's 15 counters that have recently moved quite strongly to the downside to me. Personally, these businesses look stable in my opinion. I would definitely consider reviewing their fundamentals, screen out the weaker ones, and get ready to pick up some of these names once they reach tasty valuations.

As much as I believe in owning quality assets for the long term, I am also a believer that holding severely mispriced mediocre assets can also lead to good returns. Any investment can be a good investment given a right price.

Any thoughts on some of the names I mentioned? Or do you have any other interesting charts of counters to share as well?

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