Friday, December 19, 2014

Meowwwwwwww *BOING* *BOING*

Deze market juz be retardid.

Oil dropped 2%
Then it rallied 8+%
Then it dumped and pumped back.
Now it has dumped all the way back to where we began.

Oil over 2 days = no change
US indices over 2 days = 5% higher

Major disconnect much? Besides this disconnect from Oil, we are also disconnected from VIX and credit now.

So I guess Oil has stabalised and its time to go long eh? I'm confused now, is lower oil good or bad for the economy? The story changes every day depending on the colour of the S&P arrow. I can't keep up.

Sometimes I don't know if I'm at the casino or at the circus.


  1. Got Money Got Honey,


    Such refreshing honesty!

    Most bloggers will never admit they don't know or confused ;)

    Perhaps take a look at the weekly charts, or maybe the monthly charts too.

    Overlay the various inter-market analysis together. (Impressive, most retail don't use inter-market analysis)

    What do you see?

    Which trading time frame suits you best?

    Are you more intraday, swing, or position?

    Have fun in your journey of self discovery :)

    1. Hi SMOL!

      I think Howard Marks said, "The people that lose a lot of money, are those who thought they knew for sure, but just weren't right", or something along that lines. We are playing probabilities here, and even if the odds are in our favour, I don't think that there is ever a 100% sure thing!

      Thanks for all those ideas! I should go back to the history classroom and study more charts, I think I zoom in too much already!

      I think best skill level is every timeframe also pro! Haha, will slowly work towards that level!


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