Thursday, December 18, 2014


Because a major index rallying 4.5%+ in 2 days in totally un-rigged. It's not like we're near all time highs, right?

Oh wait... Sorry, I'm hearing something.

Oh, is that right?

I guess we are near all time highs!

Yes, ladies and gents! We are only 1.5% away from making all time highs!

With moves like that, you might've thought we were just coming out of a bear market, haha!

Anyway, yesterday's rally was the 2nd best 1-day move of the past 3 years! I was actually hoping that Janet Yellen would be a dud and accelerate the downside, but I was wrong! Luckily I decided to take some chips off the table.

To be frank, I've still got skin in this short play, but I'm delusionally hopefully for this to be a massive dead cat bounce (along with oil, but oil does look like we are in at least a short term reversal with HHs, HLs) so we would immediately reverse hard back down, or for at least a retracement to get a better exit position.

The immediate rally after every sell-off is getting faster and harder. Soon every 1% drop will be met with a 10% rally! Next thing you know, we're on the moon!

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