Sunday, January 18, 2015


I opened up the newspaper today and this is what I saw!

So, it is finally happening, zomgawd, are you excited or what?!

After having a relaxing weekend meeting up with friends and chilling out, I have decided to spend this evening at home to have some quiet time to think about what I will be doing with the new change to the lots sizes.

Firstly, I need to identify good stocks that below to 2 groups. I am looking for Oil related stocks and Property stocks. I am going to have them in a specific grouping, all nicely sorted out with all the bad apples removed, so that when it is time to strike, I have my research and homework all done.

I will be looking at the Oil related stocks first, because I believe that they will bottom out first and soon. I will also be looking at Property stocks for the later half of the year as well. Sentiment in these 2 areas are very negative and getting worse each day. I don't think there is any need for me to rush in guns blazing for these stocks yet. I feel there is plenty of time to get in later and there are still too many people rushing in. Even the 52 week low in some of the nice big blue chips (you know which ones I'm talking about) don't entice me.

So, while I slowly do my research on these stocks, I will be avoiding them for now. However, with the new SGX smaller board lots, I will instead look to finally take nibbles in many companies that look very attractive to me.

Stocks that are looking interesting to me now are:

*CSE Global
*Global Logistic
*Golden Agri
Hong Leong Finance
Jardine C&C
K1 Ventures
*New Toyo
PNE Industries
Second Chance
SIA Engineering
Sin Heng Mech
*Sing Inv & Fin
*Super Group
Tai Sin Electric
*World Precision

*most delicious picks IMO

Gonna keep a look out at these stocks and consider picking them up if the price looks right! In the meantime, I'm going to transfer a small sum to my SCB account, just so I'll have some spare cash to take advantage of any opportunities! I'm expecting more blood and more discounts, so I'm still going to be very selective of my picks though. O&G counters look so good right now, ehehe.

What are you guys looking at!

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