Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Freedom of Speech? You must be joking

Contrary to popular belief, I think that the guys behind New Nation are hilarious. Their satire is spot-on time and time after again. Maybe it's just because I'm a sarcastic guy, but I really enjoy their brand of humour. The way that they point out and illustrate double standards in a funny way is top grade. I salute them.

Their most recent article on the TRS news is a masterpiece.

The last line, absolute winner!

I've never really enjoyed reading TRS, but there is one place I never venture to. If you're looking for the bottom of the barrel, you should head over to TRE. Word of caution: your IQ will drop once you start reading their articles and it plunges towards 0 once you start reading the comments.

Anyway I am glad that they are bringing up the Sedition Act again. If they don't bring it up ever so often, I think most people forget, get confused and start thinking that there is freedom of speech in Singapore and start vomiting out nonsense. There isn't. You can't just go around saying whatever you want. And I don't think people should. You can think I'm one stupid and ugly mother f***er, that's fine. Keep it to yourself or in private. But if you say it to my face, don't think you can walk away with no consequences and hide behind the excuse of "FREEDOM OF SPEECH" or "FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION". I will express myself all over you. Everyone should be held accountable for their own actions and understand the consequences of those actions.

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