Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kicking the Addiction, Going Cold Turkey

Today while I was showering, I came to a sudden realization.

Earlier this evening I was out having a drink with a friend, talking about his new job and adjusting to the adult working life. He asked what did I do in free time and if I'm bored with my life, now that he doesn't see me that often.

Honestly, I never really thought about it in such a concise manner.

I am busy meeting and hanging with friends and having a social life.

The constant low buzz of investing and personal finance is perpetually in the background.

I have a HUGE stack of books to read, not to mention all the e-books in my e-reader.

I need to deal with the lower metabolic rate of a sedentary working adult. I am determined to spend the best years of my life as a sexy beast.

I have a long list of movies (and less importantly, TV shows) that I want to watch.

I want to pick up the basics and be conversational in a new language.

I want to enroll myself in some class and courses, but I've been lazy to find people to sign up with me.

So add all of these on top of all my other less significant hobbies that I indulge in (I have a very weirdly board range of interests) and we get a very busy GMGH.

What is holding me back from doing all these things that I want to do with my life?

My addiction.

I've decided that I'm going to quit one of my longest and most time-consuming addictions.

Good bye League of Legends. You've been tempting me with at least 30 minutes of gaming every day, with some days being hours on end. This is the final straw. I've got so many things that I want to do with my life that also bring me happiness and joy, but also brings me places. You, however, are just a drag and a really big waste of my time. 

With LoL out of my life, I honestly think that tomorrow is going to be the start of a brand new era of me. 17th Feb 2015, where do we go from here?

The sky is the limit.


  1. Hi GMGH,

    Wow, you have a long 'to-do' list. Do remember to watch your health though.

    1. Thanks SRSI, yes will be working a lot of my health now too! Taking out and dusting off ye olde home gym equipment. Health is wealth too, ehehe!

  2. Hi GMGH

    A bold move to get rid of time wasters like League of Legends. Good luck with the cold turkey!

    1. Thanks HumbleBlogger! It will be hard, but I shall succeed! I just subconciously tried to start the game, lucky it's no longer there, haha!

  3. Great! I dropped LOL about 2 years back, but got hooked onto Desitny after that.
    Fortunately my Xbox 360 died with a red eye 2 weeks ago, and now i am reading more and getting on with other life priorities.

    1. Hey Pak Hoon Lum,

      One vice for another... I hope Destiny was better, hahaha! I think if I had enough self control, I wouldn't need to take such extreme measures to prevent myself from gaming, but I know that I have a weak mind for things like that, haha!

  4. Hi,

    Totally understand. But I play games and am addicted to them in seasons. Sometimes I'll be addicted to other things like guitar, books, drawing etc. So I keep rotating them haha

    1. Hey LP,

      Means you have a bright burning passion and interest! But it hops around, haha! That's good though, I read that when you are focused instead of multi-tasking, you do that one thing very well. Trying to work on that now!

  5. Interesting, remind me how I quitted smoking many years ago.....
    But with due respect and I think you are probably a gen y or z , I would assume your list would get into pages before the end of 2015? Well, that can be good if you think your life is colorful and interesting but also frustrating if you are constantly playing catch up, right?

    Then how?

    1. Hey Desmond,

      In fact, the list is never ending, going on and on with things that might not be so practical to pursue now and also things that I am less gungho about at this point of time.

      As long as I enjoy doing all these things, isn't it a good thing that I have plenty of other things to look forward to? If we aren't wanting improvement and moving from one thing to another, what is the stable state that we are looking for?


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