Friday, February 13, 2015

Looking for the good stuff

This is just an update from my previous post about restarting my investment process.

I have decided to use some screeners to help me do the quick and dirty work of narrowing down my watchlist. My parameters are quite simple:
  1. Dividend Yield is positive
  2. Net Profit Margin is positive
  3. Debt/Equity Ratio is under 200%
I don't think that I am asking for anything too extreme, narrow or niche. It shouldn't be too unreasonable to expect the above 3 criteria for a stock, right?

So anyway, here are the results:

SGX Stock Facts Screener - 294 results
Google Stock Screener - 348 results
FT Global Stock Screener - 320 results
POEMS 2.0 Screener - 376 results

I guess this means I'm done with Stage 1a. Need to do Stage 1b to have 1 single full list.

This was all so far just copy and paste work, so I am not really looking forward to combining the 4 different sheets that I've generated. I doubt it is going to be fun. Once I'm done with combining the lists, I'll be checking to see if they are right, then I'll probably start looking at each firm individually and comparatively to their peers. But one step at a time!

Most likely, I'm quite sure I am going to end up with just under 400 stocks, which means I have effectively cut the entire SGX universe roughly in half, from the total of 775 as of December 2015.

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