Friday, March 27, 2015

Cut Off the Nose?

Xenophobes complain of foreign workers coming here to take jobs and income away. With a citizen / PR unemployment rate of 2.6%, it is the worst argument ever, along with "omgomgomg you have to open your eyes and see what's happening in my office" evidence. Clearly, extremely concrete, right. But hey, whatever works in your delusional minds. I can show you the evidence, but I can't convince you to believe it.

The flip side of this "oh-so-horrible" foreign worker issue is that close to none of them own their own residence here in Singapore. Of the 1,355,700 foreign workers living here that aren't domestic workers (living in their employer's residence) or construction workers (living in dormitories), there are 764,000 foreigners  that would have to rent a place of residence. And most of them rent from.... hey, Singaporean landlords!

So, cut off your nose to spite your face?

I suppose that seems like the current plan of attack. Might be time need to rethink that strategy, eh?


"Before anything else, we are all human."

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  1. I am sure you are intelligent enough to realize these fact.

    1. low employment doesn't means everyone is happy with their job, does that also means these people do not have a choice but only to continue?

    2. if we are always filling the positions that requires experience by getting resources from outside, when is there a chance for the young to break in, are we going to play 2nd fiddle?

    you also missed out on the earlier batch of FT who bought the houses here on the cheap and sold off at a 200% profit to retire elsewhere, while the current citizen are struggling to get one.

    I can't see why a citizen who is single and below 35 should lose out on the rights to own a public house over a PR who is here to speculate on the property prices?

    what landlords? it's a rich man game.


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