Sunday, March 29, 2015

Future Proof Yourself In a Throw Away Society

Living Investment wrote a piece on the transient "Throw Away" society that we live in. Things are replaced to most up to date technology and whatever is old is thrown away. Some examples of this in our modern day lives are very clear:

Mobiles phones are upgraded on the dot every 2 years, if not more frequently.
"Old" buildings get torn down and new ones are built (some maybe only 40 years old or much less)
We use plastic bags for shopping instead of rattan baskets.
We use plastic containers for takeaway instead of tiffin boxes.
Old equipment are thrown away and new ones are brought in.

Our pace of life is SO quick, almost nothing stays the same. The things that do stay the same? They are prone to disappearing very very soon. The question whether it is worthwhile saving the history and heritage of something is a different debate altogether.

And this brings me to problem that I have highlighted in a previous post, which was about the coming obsolescence of labour, due to productivity lower than machines. We can't even handle the basic issue of our productivity being lower than foreign workers, there is no way we can handle technology.

While my preferential solution to address productivity differences and animosity between foreign workers and locals is taking a new perspective on national identity, resident classification and a mutually beneficial partnership and looking at it a new way, of course it will not be accepted by most. Do you expect me to be any less contrarian in my thoughts as I am in investing?

This is the macro version of economy's problem, which is a parallel of the micro situation that each of us faces as individuals. If as individuals we are not able to one-up our co-workers and prove our worth, our value, our MERIT, we don't even need to think about technology replacing us in 10 years time, we need to be worried about a foreign worker replacing us in a few months or a local replacing us tomorrow.

Anyway, my point is this: If you can see and relate to how the world and our lifestyles is so rapidly changing, can you also not see that we (already have been and) need to continue adapting to this change to flourish in the future?

If you don't, you clearly have some problems identifying double standards.

As with always when facing this topic, I end with the Red Queen Hypothesis to rest my case.

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