Thursday, March 19, 2015

Gushcloud Exposè part 2: Legal Vs Ethical

Reading about the whole new expose by Xiaxue about Singtel and Gushcloud makes me shake my head. You know things are more serious when they appear in CNA instead of Stomp.

After all the mud slinging and finger pointing, the blame has fallen upon a rouge employee who "did not adhere to Singtel's marketing standards". As much of an isolated incident as that is, I'm sure a lot of heads are going to be rolling in Singtel. Are you telling me that nobody else knew? Or maybe nobody thought it was wrong. The latter would actually be a lot worse.

But if anything, I don't think that the problem has anything to do with Singtel or Gushcloud. These are corporations, not people. Do they have a soul, humanity or cognition of right or wrong? No, they don't. They are made up of people within the organization. If the entire marketing department of Singtel was fired and replaced with new people, you can be sure that whatever questionable corporate culture or ethics they had will not be passed on. People make up an organization, and they can be replaced.

In my opinion, I feel that the bulk of the fault likes with these "influencers" who followed through on these dirty deeds. No one was holding a gun to their heads.

New Nation made a fantastic satire of this. I kind of feel bad for Eunice Annabel for all the blowback that she is getting. I ever saw her along Orchard Road before and I wanted to take a picture with her, but my friend die die don't want to help me take, say so malu. She's not my type, but I can see how people find her attractive. Got so bad meh?!

 Quite hot what, no meh?

In the end I didn't even say hi.  Her apology doesn't seem to be helping, and I think it is because her cover story just doesn't seem very... legit. But hey, that's just my opinion. After watching so many episodes of Castle, I've learnt that sometimes things can appear a lot more complex than what they seem. Then again, Occam's razor.

Nothing that she did was illegal (I think), but is it ethical? I don't think so.

When I was in university, I took a module called "Leadership and Ethics". I think that was the only module that I got a "C" for in my entire university life. When I was preparing for my CFA Level 1 exam, my worst section was my ethics portion. I had to drill myself to memorize the ethical answer. It did not come naturally. I did pass that portion in the end though.

My point isn't that I'm a very ethical person. I do not have any sense of moral highground.
Au contraire, my point is that I'm actually very unethical to begin with, yet even I think that this is unethical.

Of course as a nobody, hobbyist blogger it is easy for me to throw bricks at the glass house. I don't have the influence and nobody listens to what I say. I have no flock to lead astray. I don't have a glass house to speak of.

But in light of the recent shenanigans going on, I have decided to update my "Contact Me" page and make it clear about my affiliate work and how much it costs to bribe me to me to be unethical. My only affiliate that has ever paid me money is BullionStar and so far I think maybe $50? And I do seriously use them for their services, so I have no qualms talking about them.

Perhaps the scary thing that I learnt about this fiasco is that for bloggers like us, things that we say in the past can be dug up to haunt us. I was reflecting about "change" the other day. I don't think that our person, behaviour, characteristics, thoughts or beliefs in the past is an unchanging thing. Over time, people do change. When I started out my blog, I am sure I made tons of false assumptions, ignorant commentary and maybe even come off as arrogant. Maybe I am still do now. I can assure you it is not my intention to be a prick, but sometimes I guess I just am.

Oh gawd, I used to be a socialist and I even supported Obama. #mistakes #killmenow #regrets

May our mistakes in our past not haunt us forever if we can recognize them, learn from them, get over them and make progress in our lives.

Anyway, my favourite famous local person is still Andrea Chong. Her blog posts has almost no words and I'm sure nobody reads her Instagram captions. How to fumble like that? Plus she's a chiobu. Oh yeah.

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