Sunday, March 22, 2015

No Action, Talk Ony

"I've watched or read every great speech ever written.
I compiled all the best advice into one speech, 
and then I read it out loud.

And guess what I sounded like?

A pompous ass.

I'm 18 years old, what do I know?"

I know I haven't been in this game long enough. Only two things separates the winners and losers in this game, and that is knowledge and experience.

I feel that so far I have been fortunate enough to sidestep all the mainstream garbage and bad "conventional wisdom" to arrive to where I am with my current wealth of knowledge. To me, I think it is a wealth of knowledge because I feel so much more enriched and enlightened with all the information that I have accumulated and learnt. I might not be able to remember every fact and facet at the drop of a hat, but just the exposure and awareness of such things even existing broadens my horizons. I know where to look if I need to find something. That's a heck of a lot better than most people.

So yes, apparently a lot of people think I'm all talk, no action. I'm sorry. Is it my fault I don't have the experience?

Many of the most successful investors say that what defines you as an investor is not what you do during a bull market. Any idiot with a broker can make money during a bull market. However, only a successful investor will be able to come out on top after a bear market.

I might be a naive and all-too-green idiot, jinxing the market and calling for bad joojoo to happen because I'm an ignorant fool. But you know what? I'll never know if I've got what it takes to survive the storm until it actually comes.

I know that what I lack is experience. Unfortunately, no amount of other people telling me that I need experience will give me the experience that I need. Yes, I taunt the bear. I want the bear to come. I need it to come.

Not because I know I can face it.
Not because I am confident I will win.
Not because I have nothing at stake to lose.

But because if I don't, I will never get anywhere.

So yes, I taunt the bear.


  1. Cinderella, with her beauty and beautiful dress but then where is stagecoach? Well, Cinderella can still meet her prince charming on foot but so much time wasted by then. l reckon that the size and amount of ammunition (investable funds) will make our investing journey more fruitful; of course, equipped with both prerequisite knowledge and experience.

    1. I am still waiting for my prince charming, haha! Patience is a virtue, right? Even with ammunition available, only equipped with the right knowledge and experience can we deploy fire and take the best advantage of the situation. I hope I will be able to make good use of such opportunity!

  2. Replies
    1. RT, that might be the time to pick up housing that we are both looking at! Buying into a depressed market with the use of leverage? Opportunity for either extraordinary gains (investment property) or extraordinary savings! (home)

  3. no crisis no opportunities. the storms open doors and give us a chance to advance. be prepared, be watchful.

    1. Roger that KopiO, you stay alert too!


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