Sunday, April 5, 2015

GMGH is back!

Wooooooooooooooooo, it's been a long ass holiday for me! I've been away since last last Thursday!

I hope that my series of queued-up posts weren't too horrible. I see a few comments on some of my posts since I've been away, so I'll be trying to respond to them over the next few days when I have the time.

I have a lot of reading to do, both from news sites and blogs. Yes, I read almost everything in the local blogosphere and I'm sure there are many good posts for me to learn things from!

Being away from the internet has been a very good experience for me. With no constant distraction from social media and the internet, I really could take in much more of all the sights and sounds of my holiday. Look forward for a post on my holiday soon!

The strangest thing was that I didn't have any compulsion at all whatsoever to check on stock prices or to see how the indices moved while I was away for almost 1.5 weeks. I really think I've become quite a lot more zen about the markets these days.

Anyway, tomorrow I go straight to work. I bought some snacks so hopefully everyone at work won't be bummed with me that I took such a long holiday and left them to cover my slack, haha.

Once I have the time, I guess I have quite a bit of things to do. Read and respond to comments, read up on both the local and international news (Singapore Savings Bond, whoa sounds so cool right), read the local blogs, write up new posts based on thoughts I had while travelling and also snide commentary on anything else that is happening. Phew, another long list of things to do! 

My plane just landed not too long ago and I'm tired from all that travelling. I'm going to have an awesome sleep back in my own comfy bed now, oh yeah!


  1. Hi GMGH

    Welcome back and looking forward to your sharing for your holidays (envy!!!).

    1. Thanks B, it's nice to be back home :)


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