Saturday, April 4, 2015

I am Rick Castle

I am sure that actually close to zero people watch this TV series, but it's okay. I was never one to ride with the cool kid crowd.

This show is one of my favourite shows. I can't believe I gave up gaming a few hours a day so that I could instead watch TV series a few hours a day, haha! But honestly, my life feels a lot better now that I don't play computer games anymore.

Anyway, the premise of the show is simple. A mystery murder writer befriends an NYPD murder detective and they solve crime together. The writer gets ideas from real murders and character inspiration from his muse - the detective. The detective uses the writer's help to catch killers by him being able to help think like a killer.

I'm a total fan boy over the show for a variety of reasons:
  1. Nathan Fillion is one of the coolest actors ever. I've always liked him since "Two Guys and a Girl". Ryan Reynolds is way cool. And Traylor Howard? She was so cute.
  2. Stana Katic is Croatian Serb, need I say more? 
  3. Molly Quinn is my new favourite redhead after Karen Gillian
  4. New York City!

Watching the show go all over NYC makes me miss the time when I was there, just running around and enjoying life in the Big Apple. The city always felt so alive! Amazing.

But I digress.

As a personal finance blogger, I feel like Rick Castle, but my muse is the markets, not the super hot Stana Katic.

Every case, every day, the situation is somewhat the same, but not really, exactly. Just like how every episode is about a murder, every day we know that the market is going to move. Just like how they develop theories about the murder case, we develop theories for the market movements.

From a displaced person's point of view, it's the case of "same shit, different day" and it doesn't interest them at all.

Why watch every episode where you know it's about someone getting murdered and later getting caught?

What talk about the markets when all they are going to do tomorrow is go up or down?

I guess being slightly involved makes me so interested in the markets.

And I've always like to write. When I was young, my ambitions were to be an author, professional gambler, teacher or businessman. I guess by blogging about personal finance, I am kind of living out aspects of each of those things, eh?

While I do find the specifics of each case interesting every episode, what fascinates me is actually the methodology and process of systematically and logically solving each mystery. It is not hard to draw a similarity that to a process is needed for investing too.

I like to think that instead of solving muder mysteries, I help shed some light on market mysteries.

It's such a cheesy show and the humour goes over most people, but I quite like this show and it does inspire me to think about certain things from a different angle, or challenge a certain view. I feel that anything that does is a worthy waste of time.

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