Thursday, October 15, 2015

Living Definition of a Self-Entitled Singaporean

Now, I was having a rather pleasant day until I came across this article on my newsfeed, and it just ruined my day. (The mothership article was extremely well written by Jonathan Lim, kudos!)

The original post by the "violated" is here if you want to read it straight from the source, but here's my summary of the facts:

1) man believes that he should be immune to baggage checks
2) because he is an "original" Singaporean (not crispy, but original)
3) looks down upon an immigration officer who is doing his job correctly
4) falsely assumes his "rights" (probably watched too much American TV... yes, he even asked for a warrant)

Hearing someone talk about being an "original" Singaporean just pisses the FUCK out of me. What's the definition of a "pirated/fake" Singaporean? Passport colour orange or what? It makes my blood boil that he is our Singaporean representative overseas (well, no one elected him, but that's just how it works). Now the rest of the world is going to think that I'm a huge prick just because I'm Singaporean.

I'm a huge prick regardless of my nationality, thank you very much.

I'm pissed that such a loud mouth can go around blowing his horn regarding totally wrong FACTS about his "rights" and how he was so wronged, when in actual fact, he was not wronged at all.

Instead of feeling stupid for violating laws, he takes to social media to vent why he is correct and the system needs to change. Put a fucking sock in it will you? I'm more pissed that our system is so lax that he didn't get arrested and thrown into jail.

As a Singaporean, I wish LAW BREAKERS like him would be arrested and jailed. Since these kind of people will feel so sore and bitter with the system til the day they die, hopefully they permanently stay in whatever "overseas country" that they have moved to.

I am hearing and reading stories about ugly Singaporeans more and more frequently. It's easy to say that there will always be some rotten apples in every basket, but it's no longer feels like just a few to me. Is it because of the speed of new media that more of these stories are coming into the light for public scrutiny / entertainment? Maybe it's time I really start preparing my emergency exit strategy.

I repeat from my previous post: Just because I was born a Singaporean, that doesn't mean that I need to live, work and die as one.

Having a backup plan does not mean that I'm not a loyal patriot. It just means that I don't have blind faith and I still have a concept of risk management. If you think risk management is only about investments, portfolios, sharpe ratios, volatility, "hedging" and risk parity, you would be dead wrong. Risk management has plenty of real life applications.

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