Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ugly to you, Beautiful to me

As many know, I have a mental issue that makes me want to buy stocks that are going down... say what?

Yes, it's true. It's been hard coping with this. I don't tell this to many friends and family about this because I know they will counsel me. I only have the safety of being anonymous on the internet that I can have the courage to say this.

The stock market is Singapore is being bad, and I like bad. Give me bad.

Here are a list of several stocks with butt ugly charts that I am considering dipping my toes into. In no specific order of ugliness:

ARA Asset Management
Asian Pay TV
Cache Log Trust
CapitaCom Trust
CapitaMall Trust
CDL HTrust
CSE Global
Far East HTrust
Food Empire
GK Goh
Keppel REIT
KingsmEn Creative
Sabana REIT
Sim Lian
Wee Hur


  1. Hi GMGH,

    I'd still look at the fundamentals tho, but According and Kingsmen looks good in the long run imo

    1. Hi unluckid,

      I have similar sentiments for Kingsmen, but I'm not too excited about Accordia. If I increase my position with them, I'll keep an eye out for my total exposure.

  2. Heh, I have the same problem you do and have already bought some Accordia and CCT. I'd suggest you skip Rickmers and Sabana though, their management doesn't seem all that great.

    1. Hi J,

      Accordia and CCT! I am shareholders of both companies, welcome!

      I think Rickmers is a basket case for now, especially while shipping rates are down in the dump and their contracts are endings, which should bring their rates down to spot. However, as an asset play and a bet on a recovery in global shipping, it would be a good counter to ride on. I feel it is way too early to expect a turnover though.

      Sabana is so tempting, especially since so many people have been shaken out already. I'm not sure whether the current shareholders are the stoic ones with heavy hands, or shareholders who have just held on for so long that they don't care anyway. I'll be watching my position with Sabana if I do go in because they do seem quite risky to me.

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  4. Well, what I thought was ugly got even uglier. Given that I see you own some Keppel shares, what is your take on its situation currently and perhaps into the long term. I nibbled some on its way down and kinda starting to regret my decision, not because the price fell further, but because I think I bought a company that is perhaps going into decline, given how shale seems to be a disruptive technology. Any take on the business of deep sea drilling and its future? I know this is kinda out of the way, I do apologise for imposing.


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