Thursday, September 29, 2016

How Much "Money" Is There?

The short answer?

A staggering and mind blowing amount. 

It's coming to the end of the year and I actually haven't gotten about to do my annual purchase of 2016 coins.

Technically, the premium of older "vintages" of coins should increase over time, but unfortunately the Singapore coin market is not so mature yet, so most bullion is just treated at weight value, with little value placed with the minter and the rarity of the make. Which technically, makes a lot of sense, since we are talking about bullion here. The funny thing is that bullion from lesser known mints are not as willingly accepted as those from the more common names, and hence the larger premiums when buying those "brand name mint" coins. Think PAMP and Credit Suisse.

But oh well, rant aside, I do love me my gold and silver.

I'm easing myself back into the precious metals market so that I can hopefully make a nice purchase as my own Christmas present and for surviving 2016.

I'm looking for another plunge in Silver, maybe down to USD 17? That will probably be the next time that I back up the truck. Hopefully when that happens, premiums of my beloved RCM 10oz will not be sky high and ridiculous. On the bright side of things, there seems to be a few players in the market that have brushed up their game, so I do have other supply options than only BullionStar. However, if the price difference is marginal, I'd probably still get from BullionStar. They really have built a very simple and easy process of buying and collecting bullion, so at least I have a stable and reliable source.

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