Monday, October 17, 2016

Schoolber: School Kids' Uber?

Is this the best arguments against young parents who insist that THEY MUST HAVE A CAR?

This Today article is really quite informative about the services offered by Schoolber. (link to their website, not much info though)

In all honesty, the price and the value is very attractive. Let me just list the pros and cons that I can think off from the top of my head:

Don't need to own a car
Don't need to have a licence
Don't need to wake up
Don't need to drive to school and back
Driver is also a parent with their own kid in the vehicle (safety aspect)
Similar price to a school bus, but shorter travel time for your kid
Kid can make new friends

You don't get to have bonding time with your kid while they sleep in your vehicle

Honestly, the pros and cons are pretty obvious. On top of the convenience and affordability aspect of this service, they also have real-time tracking and pick-up / drop-off notifications for concerned (kaypoh) parents.

Prices are set between $100 to $200 a month, which I think is way, way, way more affordable than buying you own car and wasting time to be your kid's personal chauffeur. Of course, some parents think that this is the most important thing that they do for their kid (as opposed to guiding them through life and preparing them to be functional adults in our society) and will shun this idea of sticking their kids with other people.

In that case, those parents should be drivers, hahaha. Especially if the kids that you pick up happen to be in the same or nearby block, it's almost no extra hassle to ferry an extra body to school to defray your costs of car ownership a bit. If this was the situation and a parent did not do it, it's the same as throwing away free money.

Personally, I'm sold on this idea. I like it how that this app is a semi-clone. It's building up on an original idea, but adding specific essential features and reaching out to the right people. They've already got so many interested parties, so I really hope that they take off.

"GMGH Jr, you better wake up on time in the morning, get dressed and take your schoolber to school. If I wake up and I don't see a notification that you were picked up and dropped off at school, I'm going to cut off the 4G from your smartphone!"

Seriously, the reasons to own a car is dropping more and more, day by day. In today's world, you can already schedule trips in advance, summon vehicles on demand, get groceries delivered to you and now you can send your kid to school. Seriously, other than using it to attract gold diggers, what use for a car is there today that hasn't already been fulfilled?

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