Thursday, December 1, 2016


"Hello Sir,

I'm from XXX and I'm calling to let you know that you have been pre-approved to take up this special offer that is exclusive only for you!

Benefit 1)
Benefit 100)

How do all these benefits sound Sir?"

That sounds fantastic. How about you send me an email with all that information and I can get back to you with my decision?

"I'm sorry Sir. This promotion is only by telephone. Maybe I can help you clarify anything that you are unsure about..."

Wait. Wait. Wait a minute.
This is a telephone only offer and you will not send me anything and I just verbally agree over the phone?

"Yes Sir, it's is a special telephone-only offer!"

So I will not receive anything? I don't even want a mailer, I just want an email to look at the terms.

"I'm sorry Sir, we can't do that."

You can't send me an email?

"No, we can't send you an email. However, I can explain the terms again..."

Okay stop. We're wasting both my time and yours. If I don't get anything in black and white, I'm not going to agree to anything, okay?

"Sir, I can explain any terms that..."

Thanks, but no thanks. Bye.


Holy bloody shit.

First it's all the personal loans, now it's all these weird ass insurance.

My opening line is going to be "Is this a telephone only offer? If it is, then I'm not interested".

I'm not against telemarketers or buying insurance, but this is just a screwed up way of doing so.

Honestly, I feel sorry for the operators and I really don't blame them for having to do this very unpleasant job. I would hate doing their job too.

But fuck this process and companies that do this.

I've got 2 of these calls in the past week.

I was trying very hard to be empathetic, but if these phone operators don't want to get verbally abused, they really shouldn't work for these kind of companies selling these kind of products.

Thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my life on the phone and another 20 minutes to write this post.

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  1. sign up your number in Do not call (DNC). if you still receive the calls report it to police.


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