Monday, January 9, 2017

New Year, New Lobang for You!

I'm a bit late to the game of reviewing 2016 goals and posting about my 2017 goals, but I've got a lobang which I thought I should share!

Udemy is an online course learning platform and you can pretty much learn anything you want there. I wrote about these kind of online courses before, you can take a look here, or just continue on. The prices are very reasonable, especially when there are sales, since it is e-learning (note: DIRT CHEAP). Even the gov recognises this, which is why quite a number of online courses on Udemy are available for skillsfuture claims! Gov pre-approved leh, should be good hor? Of course, usually the courses that are available for subsidy are quite work-skills related, not like "How to build a Successful Instagram account". Haha.

Anyway, they are having a new year's sale that have all their courses for $15! This ends in 2 days. Don't worry, this isn't affiliate marketing!

Some of the regular prices of the courses are between $80 to $300, but there are even more expensive courses than that! Are these courses expensive? Well, ask yourself how much are courses that you have seen being advertised to you? I think $15 is peanuts for what you can get. It's cheaper than most books, are much more immersive, with hand-holding and spoon-feeding content delivery. Books have their functions, but they are more like classics. The benefits of e-learning is that content can change and are updated along the changes in the world today. Today's reader's of Grahm's Intelligent Investor are probably all scratching their heads and balls when he starts talking about convertibles. Things like ETFs, low-cost funds and robo-advisors didn't exist back then. Technology and the ease of access to the information to chart prices and use technicals are now accessible to everyone instead and it is an extra tool that can be used if needed. Anyway, I digress. Books are great. But they might not be the best medium of instruction if you want to learn and apply immediately without constantly having to catch up and self-teach.

Many of these courses are really top quality and with plenty of hours of content. If you seriously pay like $50 or like $100 to attend some whatever courses, I can guarantee you that you are going to get equal or better quality content if you pick a good Udemy course (read the reviews, watch the preview, look at the curriculum outline), along with maybe 10 times more hours of content.

There are more courses than just personal finance, investing, accounting, business analysis, etc. There are tons of other topics to learn as well!

Personally, I've signed up for 2 courses with about a total of 20 hours of video content. For yes, $30. That is like $1.50 an hour, excluding resources for self study and worksheets! Please, if you can watch some movie at the cinema, you can definitely afford to drop $15 for hours of content! It's the costs of 2 Starbucks coffee.

One of the courses that I am taking is investing related (Skillsfuture claimable!), the other is about personal productivity. I was going to take another course regarding language, but I'm actually a bit busy studying another language already.

Seriously, if you ever wanted to take a course on accounting, finance, business, marketing, computing... whatever! This is a really good and cheap way to find out about the actual content and see if you are really interested in it. I'll be frank, the certification is generally worthless, but the knowledge isn't. You can be uncertified, but qualified and knowledge and if you can apply that, that's all you need. There are plenty of people that have been churned out through our school system that are certified, but are unqualified with no real-world experience. That's a different post for a different day though.

To re-emphasize a point I mentioned earlier on: some of these courses are Skillsfuture eligible (1518 courses to be exact. YES OVER A THOUSAND). The Microsoft Excel course seems to be a very popular pick. Now with the promotion, you can save your Skillsfuture money and direct those funds to a more expensive, and hopefully also useful course to improve yourself! I've already decided and I'm saving up my Skillsfuture credits for either an internationally recognized certificate, or language courses. I'm still undecided, but until I can decide, I am still plenty busy learning other things, so there's no rush for me to decide yet!

Notable Skillsfuture claimable courses:
The Complete Financial Analyst Course (UP: $210, 9 hours of content)
Guide to Financial Markets, Investing and Trading (UP: $70, 9 hours of content)
The Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 (UP: $210, 31 hours of content)
Master Microsoft Excel 2013/2016 for Beginners (UP $210, 20 hours of content)
An Entire MBA in 1 Course (UP $210, 57 hours of content)
Read and Write Japanese: Hiragana & Katakana (UP $105, 5 hours of content)
Portrait Photography Foundations (UP $210, 18 hours of content)
Learn Photoshop, Web Design and Freelancing (UP $210, 21 hours of content)

Anyway, the sale ends in 2 days I think, which is why I wanted to quickly bust out this lobang to you all, so that if you guys are interested, you guys can slowly browse through the huge number of available courses. If you have a new years resolution to learn something, you might be able to find it online and get a super good and cheap course instructor!

Think about it: with $15 and some dedicated time to learn and practice, you can upgrade your Excel skills to a super level! If you get that promotion or pay raise, you can thank your $15 and me for the lobang. If superior Excel skills can't help you in the working world, I'm not sure what else I could recommend that is as across-the-board useful.

A proper post to follow about resolutions soon, hopefully!

Happy 2017!

What are your resolutions, and what are the steps that YOU are taking to achieve your goals? Wishful thinking? Or real action?


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