Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Do All The Little Things Add Up? (2017)

As per usual, I made my annual pilgrimage down to the Singapore Mint to change my coins into something more useful.

looks exactly the same as the last time I went

As I've explained before, one of the best life hacks that I've adopted that really has simplified my life is not caring about coins at all. I keep a coin box at my work desk, and another on my desk at home. Once I return from the horrible coin-giving outside world, I empty my pockets into my reliable companions who just gobble them up and keep them safe in their bellies.

I went almost exactly a year ago in May 2016, so I had about 1 year's worth of accumulated coins with me to deposit.

The total came up to a very respectable $307.32.

Since my first deposit in Jan 2014 until now (3.5 years), I've managed to put in a whopping $1200 worth of coins into these machines! That almost works out to be $1 a day. I can't believe I generate so much coins!

Anyway, the Mint's coin machine is back on tour, so you can look at the schedule here to find out where it's going to be next. The calendar actually stops this month, but I'm sure they will update it again soon once they decide where to site the machine for the rest of the year.

Sure, it's not exactly free ($0.00375 per coin after the 1st 1000 coins if you don't go to the HQ), but for someone with 1000 pieces of coins, paying about $3 odd for this service is not a bad deal. Especially when you compare it to the $0.012 per coin that POSB charges for the same service, this is cheap (~70% cheaper).

People of the world, I urge you to stop stalling the queue at the cashier while you fish for a 10c coin so you can get back a $1 coin or a note as your change. Just pay with what you have, drop the change into your coinbox and then never have to care about dirty coins for the rest of your life!


  1. $ save is $ earn for the future

  2. Hmm. Why pay even? Just use up the coins?


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