Saturday, May 6, 2017

[SGX Portfolio] It's time to EVAC!

Global Logistics bought for 2.44, sold for 2.91 (~19% capital gains)
Tai Sin Electric bought for 0.35, sold for 0.44 (~25% capital gains)
ST Engineering bought for 2.88, sold for 3.8 (~32% capital gains)
Ho Bee Land bought for 2.05, sold for 2.40 (~17% capital gains)
New Toyo bought for 0.269, sold for 0.295 (~10% capital gains)

Global Logistics received 0.115 of dividends (~5% dividends collected)
Tai Sin Electric received 0.046 of dividends (~13% dividends collected)
ST Engineering received 0.15 of dividends (~5% dividends collected)
Ho Bee Land received 0.12 of dividends (~6% dividends collected)
New Toyo received 0.076 of dividends (~28% dividends collected)

Global Logistics total returns ~ 24%
Tai Sin Electric total returns ~ 38%
ST Engineering total returns ~ 37%
Ho Bee Land total returns ~ 23%
New Toyo total returns ~ 38%

Perhaps this defies general logic, but I personally prefer to buy low and sell high. To me, at least relative to my purchase price, these counters have gone up quite a bit to a level that I am comfortable selling them away.

I think I've got to emphasize that as a rule, I do not invest in companies that do not pay dividends, unless its some special circumstances and I am trying to profit based on something other than my standard strategy. Everyone has different strategies and different beliefs that guide their strategy. For me, I believe that any company that doesn't give out dividends and expect their shareholders to profit from cashing out... is not a good company to be with. There isn't any right or wrong, it's just my preference.

I've held New Toyo since 2014, so this is an investment almost 3 years in the making. Ho Bee land, Tai Sin Electic and Global Logistics for 2 years. ST Engineering for just over a year.

Of course, while my winners and my gains look delicious on paper, I do have my share of bad performers as well (Casa Holdings, Sin Heng Heavy Mech, Perennial Holdings, ValueMax, King Wan). My bad apples make up only 10% of my portfolio on cost. If I could pick stocks correct 100% of the time, I would be a friggin' rich genius. I think 80% of my portfolio is positive if you count dividends (why wouldn't you?), so I think overall I'm doing quite okay for myself.

Anyway, I'm just lightening up and streamlining. It's good to take a look at your portfolio every once in a while. I used to check my portfolio several times a day when I was starting out. Now I barely even check it once a week. I think as time goes by, I'm getting a lot more used to the daily ebbs and flows of the market.

One of the things that I am looking to buy is actually precious metals. We'll see about that.


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