Monday, June 12, 2017

If you don't own Gold, you neither know History nor Economics

Just 1 huge infographic from the Visual Capitalist. Nuff said.

How much of my portfolio is in gold? Well over 10%, that's all I will say.

And yes, I buy my precious metals from BullionStar.

Full disclosure: If you enter BullionStar through my site, and you buy anything, I get a small commission.

This is my main source of blog revenue. I prefer this to asking for "donations" because I rather you get something that you want as well, instead of a tip.

Whether you buy at BullionStar directly or enter from my site, the price you pay does not change.

My personal precious metals investments are stored with BullionStar and I pay the same fees as any other regular customer.

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  1. Stanley Druckenmiller is a trader and is known for changing his mind about trades in a short period of time (like his mentor Soros).

    He sold all his gold in nov 2016 before elections before buying gold again in early 2017


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