Friday, August 25, 2017

GMGH Crypto Blackbox Investing (Test Results)

As mentioned on 8 Aug, I will doing something called Blackbox investing.

As a refresher what that is all about:
I will not be proving my investment capital
I will not be naming the actual investments
I will not be proving the returns from those invesments
I could make making up the entire thing and you wouldn't know

Since then until now, I have been accumulating some cryptos and I have been investing them into different ideas. I think I'll just share my performance so far and see how this post goes.

Since the start of August until now, I have been purchasing cryptos.

If I sold off all those cryptos now and converted it back to SGD, the returns I would get would be "Returns from FX". This is just simple price appreciation of cryptos since the time I bought them and now. My 1 month returns vary from 16-153%.

"Returns from Fund" is the returns that I get in the actual cryptos themselves. My 1 month returns varies from negative 1.3% to positive 17%.

Obviously, my total returns back to SGD is a function of the two - investment returns + FX returns.

Anyway, let's take for example my "Green Angry Kraken 2" Fund. Returns from FX is 153% and returns from the fund itself is 17%. Combine the two returns together and my actual returns if I cash back out to SGD right now is a whopping 197% returns. In less than 1 month. Oh my.

Another example, my "Steady Turtle" Fund. FX returns are 16.66% and returns from the fund is a sad 0.024%. Combined together, my returns back to SGD is only a 16.68%. The low returns of the funds didn't do much, but the FX returns gave it a good boost.

At the end of the month I plan to play around with my data so that I can start the 1st of Sep with a clean slate, then it would be much easier to monitor the returns. For fund returns, I'm expecting 2% a month. For FX returns, it's anyone's guess, but I think in the long run it would be positive.


The above is just the returns of my Blackbox investing portion of my portfolio that I'm sharing and that is definitely not my entire portfolio.

In fact, of all my crypto investments so far, the Steady Turtle has been my worst investment with only 15% profits.

Investing in crypto is crazy. But the returns are crazy as well.


  1. Wow, your return make my jaw drop bigger than a punch from Mayweather.

    Congratulation to you.


  2. Congratulations. Can you actually cash out? Or our money is stuck in crypto until the time you can actually buy everything using crypto (if it ever happens)? It's quite useless if you retire with worth millions of crypto but can't use it for anything.

    1. Hi Jayson,

      Of course crypto can be cashed out. There are literally hundreds of options to do so now as well as many merchants that directly accept crypto.

      The most straight forward way is to sell crypto directly back into SGD/USD and withdraw that into your bank account.

      As mentioned, some merchants accept crypto directly. However, a new innovation are debit Visa / Mastercards that are loaded with cryptos and can be spent at ANY Visa/MC terminal worldwide.

      Using Paywave to buy McDonalds is already possible with today's crypto technology.

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    1. Hi GMGH,

      Congrats on your gains.
      Can I enquire in your table 'Return on funds to cryto' means selling your alt coin to hold in btc/eth, and that 'Return from FX by cryto values' is if when converting back to USD?


    2. Hi charcoal,

      Returns on Funds in Crypto - example if the value is 10%, if I had put 1 BTC, it is now worth 1.1 BTC.

      Returns from FX by Crypto - example if the value is 10%, if I had bought BTC at $4000, it is now worth $4400.

      Hope that clears things up for you.

  4. Finally this low IQ guy(me) bought his first 300$ of bitcoin today to test water. I don't know how to activate the 2 FA,then got to wait for my university son to come back to do it for me. Long wait for a week, he stay in NTU hostel. Now i know, now I am going to do it big time. 10, 9 , 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, huat ahhh. I will be following your blog for guidiance and tips, I know disclaimer no worry.


  5. Hi, your crypto experience is both exciting and scary. Kudos to you!
    This is great learning for many of us who are new to it and thinking of dipping our toes in.
    Just a question for you: how / when do you decide to buy or sell any of the cryptos? Are there any established way(s) of researching or calculating the right moments or price to buy or sell at? Or is it really pure random at this point whether it moves up or down, and also when to buy or sell?
    We know, for instance, for 'traditional' products, there are different ways of charting, or looking at various economic or financial indicators (depending on your personal investing beliefs) to help arrive at a decision. For cryptos?

  6. Do bank's clamp on cypto transactions? I've heard some stories about this.

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