Friday, August 18, 2017

How to send $165,000,000 USD in 2 minutes for $0.67 USD

Bitcoins, that's how. A friend showed me this link and my jaw just dropped.

And of course, you should not just trust, but also verify.

Thank god we have the blockchain because that means we don't have to blindly trust shit on the internet. We can fire up the blockchain and check it and verify it for ourselves.

Here is the tx in question that you can look up yourself: 2248452e2122ff2d446565462cac276bbc8420c5874695a9b5c8e3bca8afa2b2

Check 1:
Check 2:
Check 3:

So there you have it. In 1 minute 55 seconds, 40,000.32 BTC worth $165,000,000 USD then was sent at a cost of $0.67 USD.

People tell me Bitcoins are worthless. The whole mainstream media are throwing around the "tulip" buzzword of the week.

Yet it is still shit on like it's some crazy kook technology used only by criminals and geeks.

But show me how you can move $165 mil in 2 minutes and I'll give you a standing ovation.

Wait, I take that back. Why should I give anyone a standing ovation for doing that?

It's nothing special. You'd just be doing something that can already be done.

Honestly, Bitcoins are the tip of the iceberg about how mindblowing blockchain technology is. I know I'm well on my way on being a full crypto-retard. Never go full-retard. I'm trying hard not to, but I see this is as the freaking biggest opportunity that I will ever get in my life.

Sorry, future GMGH reading this. Your past self is utterly convinced that we have passed the Point of No Return.


  1. lol, nice post, i guess it wont be the same as tulip. Tulip is a commodity that you can always plant. Bitcoin is actually limited to only 21mil in circulation and once that's reached there will not be anymore bitcoin. But at current price yea, you can say its a bubble but you can also say that it is just go into mainstream getting more acceptance.

    Japan and South Korea has legalised it and australia could be next to come. So do your own due diligence :)

    1. The scarcity is a reason, but I think the utility of have an uncensored, unstoppable, verifiable, internationally-remitable currency is what is giving it much of its value now.

      You don't need to receive calls and verifications from your bank if you place a $1m bank transfer order. If you do it in BTC, it'd probably be settled before the phone call even comes in haha.

      Yes, adoption is gaining traction, very good for the early adopters, ehehe


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