Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Fiat Failure Food For Thought

Makes you really wonder, all that money in your bank accounts and investments... what would they be worth in the future?

I wonder if there is any sort of money that cannot be arbitrary printed to infinity to inflate away my purchasing power?



Nothing comes to mind.

Oh well.

Maybe I'll tuck away $50 into the bank today so I can buy a plate of chicken rice in 30 years time and laugh about it.


  1. That's why middle-income people in the US earned $1 a day 100 years ago, and $200 a day today.

    That's why average joes in S'pore earned $0.10 a day 100 years ago but earn $180 a day today.

    That's why PAP's solution for elderly financial independence is longer working years rather than focusing on personal finance & investing. LOL!

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  3. Haha GMGH,

    There is a saying that a plate of chicken rice today costs about $3. In 20 years, time the same chicken rice probably costs $3, but without the chicken, only the rice.

    Actually the depreciation of currency against gold is strongest from 1920 to 1980, after that seems quite flattish.

    Perhaps one good way is to compare the returns of Dow Jones Index vs returns on gold. I still personally prefer stocks; at least the business I invest in can grow and multiply, but the piece of gold i bought will be 1 piece of gold after many years :)

  4. I will put $50 worth of bitcoin into my paper wallet today so i can buy a lambo in 30 years time and laugh about it.


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