Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Follow Up on Argentina's 100 Year Bonds

Remember when Argentina sold $2.75b of 100 year bonds?

I do.

Because I wrote about how stupid of an investment that would be.

If we aren't at the cusp of madness yet, I am more than willing to be entertained to see what will top this insanity.

You don't need to trust me to know that this is not going to end well. - GMGH, Jun 17

Source: Bloomberg

Yes, let's lend money to this incompetent government for a hundred years that has defaulted MULTIPLE times in the last hundred years.

SURELY they will not default this time, again, amirite?

"but but but but but but governments bonds are safe investments!!!".


Say it with me now.

Bonds are safe.
Cryptocurrency is risky.

Now, 100 more times! With more gusto! Like you actually believe it! 

Good job, the masters would be pleased with you.

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