Saturday, June 23, 2018


Broke : Impressing other people by appearing rich with watches, cars, holidays, etc. 
Woke : Having enough money to do whatever you want.

Far too many people target some arbitrary number as their goal.

$1m? $2m?

And guess what?

When they reach it, or near it, they shift up the goal posts.

Once you realize there is no end to human desires and greed, you can start to self reflect and hopefully break yourself out of the never end cycle of wanting more.

Instead, you'll just want enough.

If you've jokingly asked your friends during CNY what would they do if they win Toto, you can clearly see how delusional most people are.

"$6 million only, you siao ar? Not enough to retire in Singapore! Need at least $10m."




These people think you can't retire with a mil or more in Singapore?


You take your bank balance + (monthly salary - expenses) * months until you are 62 and tell me if it is even $1 million.

It does? Then good job. How about $2m?

You still think $6m is not enough?

Some people are goddamn delusional.

I've come to the realization that you can never satisfy everybody. So, who should you satisfy? Most importantly, yourself. Then if you have any spare time, energy and effort, it can spillover to the people dearest to you.