Thursday, July 5, 2018

COE drop like grapes

ST wrote an article with some reasons.

Fact is, a few years ago when COE was at $92,000, there was a clear "bubble" in car prices.

In fact, I dare to say that prices have come down that it can almost be considered economically viable for some people to consider upgrading their transportation method.

Some time ago, I wrote about the transportation situation in Singapore. I think that with more MRT stations popping up, along with so many transportation alternatives, so many last-mile solutions, people are realizing that the NEED for a car, is actually a very, very, expensive WANT.

It's okay to WANT to have a car. You just need to realize that you just have to pay more. There's nothing wrong with that. However, if you are struggling financially, it's probably better not to get a car.

Honestly, I get why a car is great. But a lot of people who aren't car owners also don't get why it can suck too. Driving yourself, renewing season parking, pumping petrol, topping up cash card, regular maintenance, renewing insurance, paying for road tax, washing the car..... please, as much as its great to have (expensive) convenience on demand, people also need to acknowledge that there are a lot of un-fun responsibilities that comes with owning a car.

If you want the car, you got to do all that shit that comes along with it.

Personally, I rather call a Grab, play with my phone, take a nap, watch videos, catch up with news and not worry about driving and navigating through jams and traffic and later parking. Commuting in the morning is tough when you just woke up. Commuting after work is tougher when you had a long day and you're sleepy.

Anyway, that's was a short rant from me why buying a car shouldn't be purely a financial decision.

Back to transportation in SG.

I hope self-driving taxis can faster launch.
I hope there is limited and better 24/7 or late night public transportation services.
I hope that PMD can get their own segregated lanes.

There are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many bicyclists these days.

Everything is a trade off I suppose.

Pick your poison.

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