Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Mr. Been "Busy"

Unfortunately, I am not a full-time blogger who gets paid to write content, so yes I am "busy".

Y'all know that I do blog and share and create content for free right? Sorry if I don't meet your daily SGAG content expectations.

Anyway, for the people who are insatiably hungry to hear me drivel on about crypto nonsense, you can find me on Twitter, because even though I am busy, I've one eye on Twitter just to know roughly what's the biggest things going on in crypto.

I'm finding Twitter to be a better platform for me actually, because I can kill 2 birds in 1 stone by educating myself and catching up on the news while concurrently throwing out my thoughts and making specific comments to certain information by commenting on retweets.

I follow nearly 700+ crypto accounts and I retweet the most relevant and interesting (and hopefully correct) tidbits of information that I come across.

I don't block people so I can listen to the full spectrum of nonsense in the space (preventing echo bubbles bias), so I think I provide decent crypto content curation and personal commentary if that's what you're looking for.

Some of you might already know (and some of you have talked to me there already!), but I also frequent Discords of the crypto projects that I am following very closely. At the moment I'm in the Synthetix discord a lot, discussing stablecoin cryptoeconomics and the landscape. As I've said before, stablecoins is one of the most interesting niches of crypto for me. Anyway, feel free to message me if you see me on Discord, but of course also be careful in case of impersonators.