Sunday, July 12, 2020

189 IQ Memes

Perhaps since I migrated mainly to Twitter, I have let that persona which I assume there grow a bit too large. Initially it was quite easy to segregate the blogging (serious long form with gifs to lighten up the mood) and tweeting (4chan autism) personas, but lately I have dropped the blogging persona in favor of simple convenience to churn out blog content.

However strange it may seem to you, I actually did spend a lot of thought into building my crafted persona to give it a certain uniqueness, and that has been quite good branding for me so far to catch and then retain attention, giving me a bit more weight in the space.

I have made a few appearances in some crypto-related media recently, so I thought it was be interesting and fun to list them for anyone interested in what I have been busy with.

19 May 2020 - My Two Gwei newsletter by, Degen Spartan: The extreme effectiveness of Memes, where I talk about being an "influenza", liquidity pools and the nuances of DAI vs sUSD

19 May 2020 - Blockcrunch, The Rise of Decentralized Options - Aparna, Opyn, Ep. 100, 38:43 - 39:15, tiny shoutout from Jason and Aparna about being a DeFi power user on the Opyn platform

21 May 2020 - Synthetix Blog, L2.Synthetix.Exchange OVM demo results, where my 8th placing for the trading competition was announced, getting awarded 1,200 SNX prize money

28 May 2020 - Defi Weekly with Kerman Kohli, Movers and Shakers: DegenSpartan, where I spoke a bit about my background, investing framework and some bullish and bearish picks

25 June 2020 - The Defiant by Camila Russo, Top DeFi Yield Farmers Share Secrets to a Profitable Harvest, where I had a small feature on my low-risk farming strategy of providing liquidity to the sUSD Curve pool

26 June 2020 - Bankless by Ryan Sean Adam, 5 Contrarian Takes with DegenSpartan, where I headlined the piece, giving my takes about what I think will happen to the crypto space in the future.

30 June 2020 - EthHub with Sassal and Eric, EthHub Weekly #120, 46:10 - 54:05, short discussion regarding my Bankless piece

9 July 2020, Shitcoin Praxis, Issue #1, Yield Farming for Polkaheads and also The Meme of Yield Farming, shoutout from Tamara for recognizing for my early work in the literal field of yield farming, and me explaining how the yield from today's yield farming is very different from masternodes from the previous era

This is just the visible stuff from the last 2 months, haha.

I usually get roped in to sanity check ideas, proof-read articles not written by me and lots of closed door discussions.

Of course, all of this is on top of the very regular tweeting that I do daily.

Anyway, as mentioned before, I think I will blog here even less from now on. I feel that I provide much better info on Twitter and this is just a vestige of my humble beginnings. What I post of Twitter is significantly more important and actionable than my general ramblings here.

I think things in crypto is heating up, so I'll probably be busy for the next year and a half probably. Make hay while the sun still shines. Making money is more important than flexing on a blog. It is way more important to extract out all the easy profit now when the market is still so inefficient.

The upcoming year or two (or maybe three) of hard work will probably be worth more than what I would be able to make as a normie, several lifetimes over.

My next post might be the 8 digit one, and then I'd probably permanently wrap up this blog and just move over to Twitter.

Those that seek alpha, you know where to look for me.


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