Wednesday, October 28, 2020

(Future) DBS Digital (Cryptocurrency) Exchange?

It is 2020.

If you *still* think Bitcoin is a scam / pyramid scheme, you might actually be extremely low IQ. Functionally retarded, perhaps.

It is one thing to admit that you do not understand it.
To say that you are not comfortable with it.
To say that you do not believe that it will accrue value for XYZ reasons.

It is another thing to say it is a scam.

That said, that does not mean that it can only go up. 

I actually find this narrative shift since the last cycle to be very interesting. 

Semi-intelligent people no longer ask if Bitcoin is a scam anymore.

Instead they ask, is it over? How much higher can it go?

The DBS news yesterday was very surprising to me.

Not because I did not think that this would happen, but I was not expecting it to be moving so quickly.

Hilarious that they had to pull the news because they don't have the proper final approvals yet, haha.

Anyway, imagine being late and missing the opportunity countless of times over the past few years to invest into a paradigm changing technology that has minted countless of millionaires just because you listened to some old non-tech savvy investor called Warden Bufflet.

I can't imagine that, because that does not apply to me.

Now imagine being a financial institution or observer and watching Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have all the necessary infrastructure being put into place for mass adoption and you still think it is a scam.

Have fun staying _____.