Tuesday, February 16, 2021

FIRE with Digital Coin Ponzis

Broke: Paying expenses from interest from SGD savings accounts / FD / CPF / dividends / coupons

Woke: Paying expenses from interest from crypto USD stablecoin lending / liquidity provision

Bespoke: Paying expenses from interest from crypto lending / liquidity provision / cash flows

Wait a minute. 

Crypto generates interest? 

Profits? Rights to cash flows?

An interesting point to note is that someone's public ENS alone is generating ~$100,000 SGD a month from staking interests and rights to fees.

But naw, couldn't be. 

That sounds like a scam.

Stay safe, and remember to

Have Fun Staying Poor


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  2. Impermanent loss protection for liquidity provision. 100% positive gain guaranteed. Definitely a scam.

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